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Recently, I connected with KJ Pieper, owner and founder of EmLaLaTerra—-a Wisconsin based label bringing us a whole new perspective on cassette labels and music in general. I found her label and the music to be instantly addictive, and after an entire day of jamming their Soundcloud through…

Thanks for the nice nice words kJ ;)

Zen has no goal; it is a traveling without point, with no where to go. To travel is to be alive, but to get somewhere is to be dead, for as our own proverb says, “To travel well is better than to arrive.”

A world which increasingly consists of destinations without journeys between them, a world which values only “getting somewhere” as fast as possible, becomes a world without substance. One can get anywhere and everywhere, and yet the more this is possible, the less is anywhere and everywhere worth getting to. For points of arrival are too abstract, too Euclidean to be enjoyed, and it is all very much like eating the precise ends of a banana without getting at what lies in between.